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AUTO BODY Restoration

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We Love Keeping the Memories Alive and Rolling Steve's     South     Shore     Auto     Body     performs     auto     body restorations to your timeless classics and customized vehicles. We   help   you   with   your   vehicle   you   want   to   revive   or   customize, with    full    metal    work    fabrication,    replacement    body    panels, modifications and period correct restoration. The   motor   is   no   different,   it   can   be   rebuilt   or   modified   to   what you   are   looking   for.   Interiors   can   be   brought   back   to   OEM (Original   Equipment   Manufactured)   specifications   or   it   can   be custom   tailored   to   your   liking   and   yes   we   take   care   of   rag   tops and convertibles. We   work   with   you   to   figure   out   how   far   you   like   to   get   into   the project,   while   advising   you   along   the   way,   of   what   can   and needs to be done to meet your budget. Our   shop   of   expert   painters   can   match   the   OEM   or   create   a custom color of your choice. Whether   you   have   a   car,   truck   or   van   to   restore,   we   handle   all makes   and   models,   bring   them   back   to   life   and   making   them look really cool again. We   keep   you   informed   during   the   process,   so   you   can   rest   at ease that the job will get done right and on budget. In   the   end,   we   look   forward   to   keeping   your   memories   rolling for your lifetime of enjoyment. Come    on    down    and    experience    our    work    and    expertise    or simply contact us here .
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