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Let   our   28   years   of   Auto   Body   Shop    Experience   take   care   of you   and   your   vehicle.   We   understand   how   tough   it   is   to   be without your vehicle, due to collision damages. We are a Family Owned and Operated Collision Shop. Our    shop    handles    all    your    insurance    claims    needs    from inception   to   completion.   We   work   for   you   in   dealing   with   all major   insurance   companies   to   get   your   vehicle   back   in   tip-top shape, so you will be back on the road before you know it. We   have   all   the   up-to-date   equipment   for   today’s   vehicles   to repair all sorts of damages. Our   shop   is   a   fully   licensed,   registered   and   insured   collision repair facility for all vehicle makes and models. It   is   your   right   to   go   to   any   auto   body   repair   center   of   your choice,   but   our   difference   is,   we   care   about   each   and   every collision   repair   we   work   on,   getting   it   done   right   and   on   time, keeping you and your vehicle happy. For   many   years   we   have   facilitated   full   auto   body   restorations for    all    those    oldies,    but    goodies.    Keeping    those    memories rolling   with   anything   from   a   fine   looking   paint   job   or   bumper   to bumper fabrication, we’ve got you covered. We love the classics as much as you do. Maybe   you   have   an   unsightly   dent   or   a   small   ding,   where you’re   thinking   it’s   a   major   repair,   but   in   actuality,   we   have paintless   dent   repair   specialists   that   deal   with   this   on   a   daily occurrence to get your vehicle looking good as new. We   are   an   environmentally   friendly   body   shop   reducing   our footprint   here   in   Islip.   Everything   from   water   based   paints   we use,   spray   booth   filters   to   recycling   all   scrap   metals,   not   to
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forget,   properly   disposing   of   non-recyclable   parts   and materials as well. Need   a   tow   truck?   Broken   down   on   the   side   of   the   road to   vehicle   recovery,   our   specialty   towing   service   is   for cars,   trucks   and   vans.   Anything   from   daily   drivers   to show    quality    vehicles.    Consider    it    done,    with    care, courtesy and experience. Our    shop    has    a    good    standing    relationship    with    the community   of   Islip.   So   if   you   have   a   scratch   to   a   major auto   collision   claim,   come   on   down   and   experience   how we can help you and your car smile again. We   look   forward   to   meeting   you   and   taking   care   of   your auto collision needs. Ask for Steve. Learn more about us here  or Call: 631-581-9307